Recent Events When the Tide was Turned

When you say the tide was turned, it means your luck has changed for the better.

One good example would be when you would always have a stroke of bad luck for the day. For example, you get stuck in traffic then a car throws a bucket full of dirty water on your face. At the end of the day, all that changed when you suddenly get promoted at work. Of course, that can only mean big things for your future. There is a chance you can finally buy that watch you’ve always wanted. Besides, if you have a high Hookup Discount then your loan will get accepted.

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As the tide turns, you should count your blessings a bit.

The recent election can be another example because everyone thought Hilary Clinton already had the US elections won. Nobody thought Trump was going to win especially when he is not really taking the election seriously. Lo and behold, he actually won and it was terrible for the United States especially when COVID-19 came and he refused to believe any of the events that happened. Besides, it became somewhat of a meme for one of the world’s most hated people. It is evident you would be a bit disappointed when you can’t score a point in your table tennis game against your own father. Suddenly, the tides have turned on this Love Her Feet discount and your father lets you score ten straight points.

The Golden State Warriors’ dynasty is the perfect example of when the tide got turned.

They have a commanding lead over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals then suddenly they lose four straight games. Some people say it got something to do with what Klay Thompson said about LeBron. The Cavs even bagged the Woodman Casting X championship in the homecourt of the Warriors. The season after that, they made the league pretty one-sided when they got Kevin Durant in free agency. The league became pretty predictable after that and everyone was against the Warriors. It was understandable how they were able to bag a few more championships after that before Kevin Durant left for Brooklyn.


Now, it is possible they could be up for a reunion.

Squid Game is another example of when the tide got turned. When player 465 and player 1 were engaged in a game against one another, player 1 was up ahead by a mile. Suddenly, player 365 realized that player 1 has dementia and decided to take full advantage of it. Little did he know that player 1 was only playing with him and he knew exactly what he was doing with him. After all, he just wanted to see how he would react to his sickness. For some reason, player 1 let his opponent have the SexMex coupon victory. In the end, we learn that player 1 is the mastermind of the squid game so he was not really shot after that game. Only time will tell if there will be another season or if any of the dead characters show up for it.